Musical Writings

MM thesis: Percy Grainger's "Hill-Song Nr. 1": A Critical Edition, Wind Band Transcription, and Phrasal Analysis (2019.05.01)

MM oral exam script: A Brief History of the Wind Band (2019.05.01)

Analysis: Alban Berg - Kammerkonzert (2019.04.19)

Analysis: Joachim Raff - Sinfonietta, Op. 188 (2018.11.13)

Analysis: John Harbison - Olympic Dances (2018.10.20)

Term Paper: A Question of Instrumentation: Adapting Wind Music Recorded at the Court of King Louis XIV for Modern Performance (2018.03.14)

Term Paper: Person and Piece: Eric Mandat's "Double Life" (2017.12.18)

Analysis: David Maslanka - A Child's Garden of Dreams (2017.09.26)

Term Paper: Barbershop Quartet Singing: A Continuing Tradition (2015.12.15)

Term Paper: Arabic Choral Music: A Worthwhile Endeavor (2015.10.23)

Resource: Clarinet Fingerings (2015.07)

Term Paper: "The Rule of Three": Ternary Form and Third-Relations in "Aida", Act II, Scene 2 (2014.04.01)

Term Paper: Josquin the Innovator: Paradigm Shift in Mente Tota (2014.03.25)

Non-Musical Writings

Research Proposal: Music and Language: Syntactic Interactions in Simultaneous Reading and Production (2017.05)

Term Paper: Georg Cantor: Facing the Infinite (2017.04.26)

Term Paper: On Tuning and Temperament: A Problem of Ratios (2017.03.08)

Term Paper: A Detailed Exposition of a Proof of Hua's Lemma, following Bob Vaughan (2016.04)

Term Paper: On Holism and Reductionism as Applied to Human Consciousness (2012.12.12)

Term Paper: Darwin and Dogma: Incompatible or Incomparable? (2012.11.08)

Term Paper: One Nation Under God: The Relationship of Church and State in American History (2010.06.07)