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Concerto No. 4 in Eb Major for Horn and Orchestra, K. 495, Op. 77, No. 3 (1786/2017)

For Clarinet Choir


MIDI Realization

Duration: 16'

  1. I. Allegro moderato
  2. II. Romance. Andante cantabile
  3. III. Rondo. Allegro vivace


  • Solo Basset Horn (sub: Solo Alto Clarinet)
  • ---
  • C Clarinet 1 (sub: Bb Clarinet 4)
  • C Clarinet 2 (sub: Bb Clarinet 5)
  • Basset Horn 1 (sub: Alto Clarinet 1)
  • Basset Horn 2 (sub: Alto Clarinet 2)
  • ---
  • Bb Clarinet 1 (divisi a2)
  • Bb Clarinet 2 (divisi a2)
  • Bb Clarinet 3 (divisi a2)
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Contra-Alto Clarinet (Sub: Contrabass Clarinet)

Program Notes:

I first met Jun Qian in the fall of 2014 when he came to Eastman to give a masterclass and perform "Freebirds" with Ken Grant (his former teacher) and the Eastman Wind Ensemble, of which I was a part. Several years later, Jun got in contact with me to purchase several of my transcriptions for clarinet choir, and then commissioned some additional transcriptions, of which this Mozart Horn Concerto was one.

The concerto was originally written for the Austrain horn player Joseph Leutgeb, a lifelong friend of Mozart. Described as "Ein Waldhorn Konzert für den Leutgeb" (a hunting horn concerto for Leutgeb), the piece was originally intended for natural (valveless) horn, the only variety available at the time - so the chromatic figurations would have been quite challenging for the soloist - although the modern conveniences of the basset horn obviate this problem!