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Old Joe Clark, Op. 67, No. 2c (2015)

For TTB Chorus & Glockenspiel


MIDI Realization

Duration: 4'30"

Program Notes:

A quintessential American folk tune, "Old Joe Clark" is known in many forms. I was introduced to this particular tune by the Jump Right In! series written by Chris Azzara and Richard Grunow, two of my music education professors at Eastman, and was drawn to it for obvious reasons. Although there are a wide variety of lyrics in circulation, I have drawn a careful selection in an attempt to imply a vague sense of narrative as the piece progresses. I have amplified their disparateness through wildly inappropriate polystylism, enhancing meaning either directly or ironically. Full of rhythmic and harmonic twists and turns, this self-consciously humorous arrangement is great fun for performers and audience alike.