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Brass Quintet No. 1: "Bay View", Op. 65 (2015)

For Brass Quintet

Live Performance:

Robbie Marx, Jess Green, trumpets; Lauren Robinson, horn; Dan Coffman, trombone; Grant O'Brien, tuba

Duration: 7'30"

  1. I. Unmasked
  2. II. Unbroken
  3. III. Unleashed


  • Bb Trumpet 1 (Practice mute, metal straight mute, flugelhorn with cup mute)
  • Bb Trumpet 2 (Practice mute, cup mute)
  • Horn in F (Stop mute)
  • Trombone (Wah-wah mute)
  • Tuba (straight mute)

Program Notes:

Within the first few days of my time at the Bay View Music Festival in 2015, the trumpet player Joon Park offered to have his brass quintet premiere a piece I'd write for them. I eagerly took him up on the offer, both for the chance to work with a live ensemble and to further my heretofore limited writing for brass.