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Cor-tet, Op. 63 (2015)

For Horn Quartet

Live Performance:

Harbor Horns: Joe Vroom, Kirstie Keill, Dan DiCocco, Tim Bedard, horns

Duration: 8'

  1. I.
  2. II.
  3. III.

Program Notes:

Andrew Mazzarini, a horn player at my old high school, asked me to write a piece for horn quartet to play in a summer chamber program that I run. Although in the middle of other projects at the time, I agreed. I'd never even considered writing for horn quartet before, but it suddenly seemed the right thing to do. I sat down and began the first movement - and quickly realised that

it would probably not be suitable for a high school level group. But, I already felt committed and didn't want to just discard it. Thus, the Cor-tet became a multimovement work, with the second movement intended to be played at the recital.

The work was premiered in its entirety by the Harbor Horns (Joe Vroom, Kirstie Keill, Dan DiCocco, and Tim Bedard) at the Bay View Music Festival on July 17, 2015.