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Travails, Op. 62 (2014)

A Theatre-Piece for Well-Equipped Reed Quintet

Duration: 24'

  1. I. Prologue
  2. II. Chant
  3. III. Dance
  4. IV. Chorale
  5. V. Sinfonia
  6. VI. Recitative
  7. VII. March
  8. VIII. Pointillism
  9. IX. Epilogue


  • Oboe/Oboe d'Amore/English Horn
  • Eb Clarinet/Bb Clarinet/A Clarinet
  • Soprano Sax/Alto Sax/Tenor Sax
  • Basset Horn/Bass Clarinet/Contrabass Clarinet
  • Bassoon/Baroque Bassoon/Contrabassoon


Max Adler, oboes; Jimmy Abrahamson, high clarinets; Chai Natarajan, saxophones; Joe Clark, low clarinets; Dana Brink, bassoons

Program Notes:

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