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(Open Intervals), Op. 53b, No. 1 (2013)

For Solo Clarinetist (Preferably Eb, Bb, and A Clarinets)

Live Performance:

Joe Clark, clarinets

Duration: 8'

  1. I. D = (4,4.5)U(4.5,5)
  2. II. O = (1.5,2)U(2,7)
  3. III. DUO

Program Notes:

Synthesis is a concept which has fascinated me lately. (Open Intervals) is another realized instance of this fascination. The premise of the work is a restriction based not on pitch sets but rather on interval sets. Borrowing notation from the world of mathematics, each movement is named by expressing the intervals of which it makes use. I chose to use (open interval) notation rather than [closed interval] notation to emphasize the inherent music contained within the intervals rather than to emphasize the intervals themselves.