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Synthesesia, Op. 51 (2013)

For Doubling Wind Quintet

Duration: 26'

  1. I. Blue Sky Waltz
  2. II. Green Line Tango
  3. III. Apples and Oranges March
  4. IV. Blues in Red
  5. V. Mellow Yellow Swing
  6. VI. Polychromic Rumble


  • Flute/Piccolo
  • Oboe/English Horn
  • Bb Clarinet/A Clarinet/Eb Clarinet
  • Bassoon/Contrabassoon
  • Horn/Natural Horn in Bb Basso, C, Eb

Live Performance:

Turi Scilipoti, flute/piccolo; John Uchal, oboe/EH; Joe Clark, Bb/A/Eb clarinets; Dana Brink, bassoon/contrabassoon; Nikki LaBonte, horn/natural horn

Program Notes:

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