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Synthesesia, Op. 51 (2013)

For Doubling Wind Quintet

Live Performance:

Turi Scilipoti, flute/piccolo; John Uchal, oboe/EH; Joe Clark, Bb/A/Eb clarinets; Dana Brink, bassoon/contrabassoon; Nikki LaBonte, horn/natural horn

Duration: 26'

  1. I. Blue Sky Waltz
  2. II. Green Line Tango
  3. III. Apples and Oranges March
  4. IV. Blues in Red
  5. V. Mellow Yellow Swing
  6. VI. Polychromic Rumble


  • Flute/Piccolo
  • Oboe/English Horn
  • Bb Clarinet/A Clarinet/Eb Clarinet
  • Bassoon/Contrabassoon
  • Horn/Natural Horn in Bb Basso, C, Eb

Program Notes:

“Synthesesia” is a work in synthesis on many levels, beginning with the title itself. “Synthesesia” is an amalgamation of the words “Synthesis” and “Synaesthesia”. This synthesis is further evidenced in the union of classical and jazz-influenced styles in each movement. As well, each player performs on multiple instruments in a feature movement and is expected to improvise. The synaesthesia aspect came about when I learned that Hannah Swayze, the horn player for the Azzimato Winds, is synaesthetic. In consultation with her, each movement is named for the color of its predominate major key.