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The Fair, Op. 22 (2009)

For SATB Chorus


Members of the NMRHS Advanced Voice class

Duration: 3'15"

Program Notes:

I recall very clearly being on vacation (I believe in Bermuda?) and having the last bar of music pop into my head. I recognised it as a dorian progression and so cast about for a suitable dorian tune to set. Soon enough, I'd hit upon "Scarborough Fair". At this stage (and even to this day), it was important to me that the melody should be passed around all the parts - but how to justify this textually? I began to conceive of a cast of characters, offering different perspectives on the traditional story: The eager lover, the seductive beloved, the concerned father - and, framing the work, the innocent little girl. Her wondering, wondering begins the exploration of the various characters and their backstories, but it turns out in the end all she was wondering was the simple question - "Where's Scarborough Fair?"